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González Burguete Group (GBG) was founded in May 2013 by Claudia González Burguete to house all her current and future enterprises. GBG was launched in May 2013 on the eve of Claudia's first photographic exhibition, as a way of grouping this with Klauss Jewellery and Claus Crafts. 

Claudia González Burguete Photography (CGBP) was launched in August 2013 on the eve of her first photographic exhibition in London. Currently CGBP is a Virtual Photographic Gallery as part of  González Burguete Media (GB Media) 

with a facebook page.

Catarina Publishing (CP) was launched in January 2015 on the eve of the publication of Claudia's first poetry book. Currently CP is a publishing house specialised on eBooks and on-demand printed books as part of  González Burguete Media (GB Media) with a facebook page.

González Burguete Engineering Design (GBE) was launched in January 2016 after Claudia's was accepted to study at UCL for a MPhil (Engineering) Photonics. Currently GBE is a consulting enterprise dedicated to research and development as part of  González Burguete Project Management (GB Project) with a facebook page.

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