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I was born on 31st December 1976 in Mexico City. I immigrated to England in 2002 to study a MSc in Microelectronics. I founded González Burguete (GB) Group to house all my enterprises into one house. Therefore, I created a brand per activity.


As a PhotographerI started taking photography during my primary school years because this was the time when my parents gave my first camera, a Kodak 120 with interchangeable cube flashes. One of my photographs won a competition called Photographs and Poems in which I won 1st place within my category.


My photographic catalogue has grown since 2001, when I got my first digital camera and from then has grown extensively. This collection has allowed me to create four photographic exhibitions per year since 2013.


My photographic collection is published in my CGB  Photography website.

As an AuthorI started writing poetry around 1999. Since then, I have participated in several literary competitions and have published six anthologies of poems from 2006 to 2011 with other authors. In the last years, I compiled my 15 years of poems to finally publish them finally as a collection.


My collection of poems was divided in two books: Virgin Thoughts, which is based on my Spanish books Pensamientos (Amazon Bestsellers); and Voyage Within, which is based on my Spanish book Introspección (#1 Amazon Bestsellers).


Last year, I decided to enhance these books by adding amazing photographs of flowers and with this, I reprinted these books in their photographic edition, with both already available for sale.


My first non-fictional book was My London 2012 Olympic Story based on my adventures of living in London while the Olympic Games were planned and my participation as a volunteer in the Opening and Closing Ceremony.


My photographic anthology comprised of the printed version of my photographs published at CGB Photography Exhibitions, a virtual gallery, in a period of two years.


My book catalogue is available in my Catarina Publishing website and at Amazon Shop.

As an Engineering Designermy first degree was a BEng (Hons) Electronics and Communication Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA) in Mexico City. My second degree was an MSc Microelectronics and Telecommunications from University of Liverpool in England. My last degree was an MPhil (Electronics Engineering) Photonics from University College London (UCL) in England.


I have published several articles, photographs and posters in English and Spanish. One of my research photographs won a 3rd prize in an Imaging Science competition. My publications and photographs are published in my GB Engineering Design website.

As a ArtistI have been creating since 1992. I started my craft designing first in ceramic painting, then in aluminium embossed, and last in wood crafting. My collection is published in my Claus Craft website.

Then in 2002, I started designing jewellery from simple glass-beaded to semi-precious stones designs. My collection is published in my Klauss Jewellery website.


Then in 2018, I started designing custom-made decorations in order to host my Olympic Games ticket collection and then the designs continue with the wall placements. My collection is published in CGB Interior Designs website.

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